Michael Ver: Wisper

The shadow of Michael, formed from a wispy cloud of darkness.


Appearance: A dark, wispy figure, largely resembling Michael, however a small, white glow is visible within its chest.

Personality: Highly protective of Michael, as well as being quite the mischievous figure, causing trouble to entertain, most of the time, at least.


Favorite Thing: Causing mischief, duh.

Way to hide: He is a shadow…yeah.

Monsters Abilities

1-2 Deathly Grin
Dice: 8
Qualities: Useful, Stun, Sweet X2

3-4 Shadow Burst
Dice: 7
Qualities: Attack, Gnarly X2

5-6-7 Pure Force
Dice: 9
Qualities: Attack, Awesome X2, Splash, Gnarly X3

8-9-10 Radioactive Emission
Dice: 10
Qualities: Defend, Tough X5

Michael Ver: Wisper

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