Niko Reskev

Russian outdoorsman


Niko is a young man with a few social issues, a boy who would choose the forest and his faithful hound, Sezjah, over anyone and anything anyday(except rain or the winter months, but then he’s just mopey)

Inducted into the scouts at a young age, Niko has learned a variety of tricks and skills that can keep him alive in the forest for days, even weeks on end. His dog Sezjah helps even further with hunting and cutting down trees.


Niko is the son of Artyom Reskev, a russian man who between the 60s and 80s worked for the USSR equivalent of the MIB. In the 80s however he had an accident and lost his leg. Blaming his organization for being poorly run and seeing the collapse of his nation on the horizon, Artyom fled for america, taking his secrets with him and selling them to the states in exchange for a comfortable life. In america Artyom met his wife Emily. Emily Jameson was a prosthetics engineer/designer who met Artyom during his series of visits to her clinic as he was getting his wooden leg replaced. The two hit it off and a few years later were married.

Niko Reskev

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