Michael Ver

A boy that tends to stick to a few close friends, but the battle within him exceeds expectations.


Name: Michael Ver
Birth Date: 8th November 1999
Parents/Guardians: Elizabeth Ver, Richard James Ver

Appearance: A young, athletic boy with long, black, shaggy hair. Oddly black eyes. Usually wears a dark blue, long sleeved shirt with a black skull roughly drawn on, as well a a regular pair of jeans and white sneakers. His hair tends to cover his right eye.

Gender: Male

School: Homeschooled

Monster: Wisper

Feet: 5
PE: 4
Kicking: 0
Dodging: 3

Guts: 4
Wind: 2
Courage: 0
Wrestling: 0

Hands: 3
Shop: 1
Punching: 0
Blocking: 1

Face: 3
Charm: 2
Putdown: 0
Connive: 0
Convince: 3

Technology: 2
Vocals: 1
Parents: 1
Music: 2


Personality: Mostly shy, however when around a single friend he can appear rather bubbly and cheerful. He tends to be talkative when needed and isn’t afraid to get involved when the situation calls.

Favorite thing: Cheering up friends. He seems to get a kick out of it.

Backstory: He has never known his real parents due to being left on the doorstep of an orphanage at the age of 2. After 8 years of being bulled and tormented, he escaped due to the underpaid security of the area. Slipping through the window as he had done every other night, he jumped over the main fence and stared up at the moon, feeling oddly different.

After a few minutes, a black, wispy cloud of darkness plummeted down from the sky, visible only due to the moonlight. Surprised, Michael dived out of the way as the cloud clashed into the ground behind him. Slowly, it morphed into his shadow, and a face grinned demonically back at him. His monster was born and he was free.

He lived on the streets for a month, before, by chance, a rick, caring family took him in and sent him to a summer camp known as Evergreen.

Michael Ver

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