Dr. Prometheus Kile (Kile Woodstrong)


Young red haired definitely not evil in any way Genius. Prefers to wear dress shirts and slacks over Casual T-shirts and the like.


Dr. Prometheus Kile, mastermind, evil genius, child prodigy, lives in his mother’s basement. Sure his mother’s basement is also a high-tech lab but that’s beside the point, or maybe it is the point. Either way, Kile is the kind of kid who can’t beat up a bully, but definitely can vaporize the bully, or blow the bully up, or stomp the bully with a mecha robot, and do other sorts of sciency things to the bully to get him to stop interfering with Kile’s plan. His plan?


Unfortunately, when Kile was sent off to Camp Evergreen his work was put on hold. Left with only his small, toy-like robot henchman/ray-gun, Chip, Kile is now discovering his views on the world as he knew it are off by quite a lot more than he could have imagined possible. Talking animals, living shadows, and a whole other world of confusion and fantasy are just a couple of the alterations Kile must now deal with. Putting up with his new ‘companions,’ Kile observes the world as he now knows it with a scientific eye, his new plan; Discover how this new world works and what makes it tick, then take it as his own.

First, Camp Evergreen.



Dr. Prometheus Kile (Kile Woodstrong)

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