Dr. Prometheus Kile's Robot Chip


Small, Quirky and all around helpful Henchmen robot. Enjoys wearing nothing, as robots do not need clothes.


Chip, being a small hovering robot with no legs enjoys flying around and avoiding fights more than he does getting into them. However, since he is programmed to obey DOCTOR PROMETHEUS KILE, he will gladly fill out any request if it is given to him by said person, even if it includes fighting a giant fire-beast-from-the-depths-of-hell-who-wants-to-kill-you-and-eat-your-soul.

Armed with, well, arms, Chip can dish out either a hefty dose of Laser fire, or Fully armed and dangerous rockets. This means while Chip prefers the friendly kind of “lets talk this out” situation, If Kile gives the word, well. Ya know. Boom.

Chip, while being the henchman of an evil genius, is the exact opposite of an evil genius. He is friendly and not very smart, when it comes to the common sense department that is. Chip tends to be helpful to absolutely anyone who needs help, and at times has persuaded Kile to do things that could almost be considered heroic.

While this pisses him of greatly, Kile keeps him around anyway perhaps it’s because it wouldn’t be the same without him? Maybe he actually enjoys the mischief Chip gets into? Maybe it’s because Chip is Kile’s first creation?

Or maybe it’s because Kile hasn’t found an appropriate way to get rid of him? Hell if I know I’m just the narrator.

Bio’s over everyone, go home.

Dr. Prometheus Kile's Robot Chip

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