Camp evergreen

rubber ducks

fuckers cant be trusted

So, after Niko, Lily and Charolette finally got into the spa and started to relax, we were interrupted by a topless mermaid, this is like being stopped halfway through sex and being told you won the lottery so everything was just getting better and better before shit happens and now we’re underwater in a room made of soap. Charles showed up as well because his player was available and the group is recruited by a rubber duck knight, who happened to be a total dick and sent us to our deaths to fight a titan of grime and dirtiness. Some timey wimey horseshit later and we’re in a raft in the grime titans gut waiting to be digested, but wait! a few brains+notice checks revealed the mermaid was in the stomach as well! Niko tried some pathetic lines on her before a giant robot killed the duck and freed us. We all then woke up from our apparent narcolepsy with the mermaid hanging over Nikos face, informing the group we had all just passed out in the spas pool. I am going to go ahead and assume CPR was involved at some point and chalk this up as a win.




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